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At Willow Rose Wellness we have created a true spa experience in the comfort of our daylight basement. As you arrive from the garden entrance you will be greeted by our luxurious salt water Hot Springs Jacuzzi Spa Tub. Private booking times will be available for clients to enjoy the spa before beginning massage treatments. We always recommend you arrive for your appointment without makeup and body products on your skin, and a shower will be required before entering the spa in an effort to minimize the need for added chemicals.

Aromatherapy steam treatments are offered as an add on for massage treatments with a steam tent that goes over the massage table. During the treatment the scalp and face are massaged with an essential oil blend and the forehead is soothed with cool compresses, you can breathe comfortably while your skin and body receives the benefits of a detoxifying steam treatment.

Body exfoliation treatments are a stimulating way to remove dead skin cells and increase circulation and detoxification. Organic sugar used in combination with organic carrier oils and therapeutic grade essential oils provide the medium for this treatment. Working in a circular motion throughout the entire body, paying extra attention to areas of need. The breasts and genitals always remain draped and your modesty will always be a consideration. After the thorough exfoliation of the skin, the steam tent will be placed over the massage table and your head will be soothed with cool towels and a scalp and facial aromatherapy massage. Following the steam treatment a quick rinse in the shower may be needed before returning to the massage table for a full body hydrating aromatherapy massage.

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