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At Willow Rose Wellness, we choose to avoid harmful chemicals. Therefore, all treatments will be offered with the highest quality ingredients available. Organic and pesticide free oils are always chosen with respect for your health in mind. We ask that you refrain from wearing any synthetic fragrances before coming in for your treatment.

Trager® Psychophysical Integration Approach

* level 3 student, full certification to be obtained fall 2023

The Trager approach is a holistic approach to bodywork and movement re-education. Trager can be done either directly on the skin or through comfortable clothing. The session begins with establishing a sense of connection, trust and relaxation, through movement re-education and gentle suggestions of how the body could feel better and more at ease. Connecting with your heart beat and breathing is encouraged which helps to and grow and develop a deeper sense interoception, an awareness of our sensory and cognitive processes which plays a key role in physiological and psychological processes related to the nervous system. A variety of techniqes including light touch, gentle rocking, jostling, passive range of motion, effleurage and elongation are all used to create a sense of ease and lightness in the body, mind, and spirit. Partner with me and tell me what feels exquisite and useful in your body and what could feel even better, learn to communicate your specific needs to create the session of your dreams with your welcomed feedback. Come away from your session with a renewed sense of inner joy and appreciation for the amazing body you inhabit.

  • 60 minutes $100
  • 90 minutes $150
  • 120 minutes $190

Manual Lymphatic Drainage (MLD)

Manual Lymphatic Drainage is a specialized massage technique designed to stimulate the lymphatic system and improve lymph flow. MLD can be helpful for anyone who has had lymph node removal and/or radiation to lymph nodes and subsequently has lymphedema. MLD can also be helpful for post surgical swelling, edema, immune disorders and many other health conditons. By improving lymph flow MLD can help reduce swelling and fluid retention, improve immune funtion , and enhance overall health and well-being. The technique uses gentle circular rhythmic movements with specific focus on the head and neck, abdominal, axillary and inguinal areas to stimulate lymph flow. MLD typically does not require the use of oil and is done directly on the skin to create a gentle pumping effect on the lyphatic capillaries with gentle skin stretching and light effleuage to direct lymph fluid towards the functioning lymph nodes. Some clients have reported feelings of tingles all over and deep relaxation during and after MLD sessions.

  • 60 minutes $100
  • 90 minutes $150

Swedish Massage

Using natural body oil, this massages is the most basic traditional massage I offer. Light to medium pressure is applied to encourage muscle relaxation and increase circulation. Effleurage (gliding), petrissage (kneading), tapotement (percussion), friction, and vibration are the main techniques used during this massage and a hot towel will be provided at the conclusion of the session to help remove excess oils. Great for tired achey muscles due to stress, repetetive motion, and exercise.

  • 60 minutes $100
  • 90 minutes $150 (can combine MLD, Trager & Swedish)
  • 120 minutes $200 ( can combine MLD, Trager & Swedish)

Deep Tissue Massage

A combination of trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cupping and Thai massage using firm pressure, focusing on specific areas of pain and stiffness working to increase circulation and range of motion, great for athletes and larger more muscular bodies. Not recommended for average clients and I reserve the right to change you appointment to a regular massage session if my opinion is that it would not be beneficial to receive this type of deep massage. It is never my intention to inflict pain during a massage session. Deep pressure can only be achieved through deep relaxation and the letting go of control, while keeping open communication about how the pressure feels in your body.

  • 60 minutes - $120
  • 90 minutes - $180

LaStone® Therapy

Using comfortably heated basalt stones and natural body oil, your muscles will be soothed with warm, relaxing strokes, performed in a specific way, to increase the flow of energy and help ground the nervous system. Cool marble is also used sparingly to achieve perfect balance of temperatures in the body. You will leave this treatment feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

  • 60 minutes - $125
  • 90 minutes - $185

Our approach

Every massage is personalized and my goal is to meet you where you are on your healing journey. I will do my best to provide a safe space that encourages full communication of what feels best for your unique body. If at anytime you would like something different during your session your feedback will be taken graciously and we will work together to achieve a better feeling in your body. Respect for your comfort and modesty and your unique qualtities is of utmost importance to me.

Breast/Chest massage is very helpful for many people regardless of gender. With your written and verbal consent breast/chest massage will be provided as part of your session. Breast/chest massage can be very beneficial for a multitude of reasons including: post surgical scar tissue and healing, clogged milk ducts, helps increase circulation of blood and lymphatic fluids, can restore a sense of connection with the heart and breasts, can improve general well being in the chest area, and feels wonderful. Please let me know if you are interesting in receiving breast/ chest massage as part of any 90 minute or longer massage and whether you would like that done directly on bare skin or through the clothing or drape to ensure you feel most comfortable with this type of vulnerable work.

Abdominal/Diaphram massage techniques are beneficial during many different types of massage. MLD uses deep abdominal points to access deeper ducts that help move lymphatic fluid throughout the body. Abdominal massage can help with constipation, anxiety, and relax the muscles in the abdominal area. In addidtion deep hip flexors like the psoas are accessed through the abdominal area. Abdominal massage can also help to relax the diaphram. Abdominal massage is optional and I always ask for verbal consent before undraping this area. It can also be done through clothing during a Trager session. Please let me know if you would like abdominal massage as part of any massage 90 minutes or longer.