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At Willow Rose Wellness, we choose to avoid harmful chemicals. Therefore, all treatments will be offered with the highest quality ingredients available. Organic and pesticide free oils are always chosen with mutual respect for our health in mind. We ask that you refrain from wearing any synthetic fragrances before coming in for your treatment. The essential oils used are certified pure therapeutic grade. Synthetic fragrances can interfere with your treatment.

Aromatherapy Massage

A full body therapeutic massage, including your choice of aromatic massage oil blends. Varying depths of pressure can be applied.

  • 60 minutes - $90
  • 75 minutes - $110
  • 90 minutes - $135
  • 120 minutes - $180

Deep Tissue Massage

A combination of trigger point therapy, myofascial release, and Thai massage using firm pressure, focusing on specific areas of pain and stiffness working to increase circulation and range of motion.

  • 60 minutes - $100
  • 90 minutes - $150

AromaTouch® Technique

An essential oil experience using eight specific essential oils and blends of essential oils along the spine and feet. The AromaTouch® Technique is a simple yet powerful way to experience essential oils.

  • 60 minutes - $85

Body Exfoliation with Aromatherapy Massage

An organic sugar exfoliation of your skin, followed by a steam treatment in the Steamy Wonder® and an aromatic scalp and facial massage. After the steam treatment, a quick rinse in the shower before a hydrating aromatherapy massage. This treatment will leave your skin glowing and you will feel like you’ve just spent a weekend in a luxurious resort spa!

  • 120 minutes - $190

LaStone® Therapy

Using comfortably heated basalt stones and aromatherapy oil, your muscles will be soothed with warm loving strokes, performed in a specific way, to increase the flow of energy in the body. Cool marble is used sparingly to achieve perfect balance of temperatures in the body. You will leave this treatment feeling well stoned indeed!

  • 60 minutes - $105
  • 90 minutes - $155

Add on Services

May be added to any treatment, unless already included.

Hot Springs Jacuzzi Spa Private Soak

May be scheduled prior to your spa treatments. A shower and bathing suit are required to use the tub.

  • 45 minutes - $45

Aromatic Steam Treatment

Experience the Steamy Wonder® steam tent after your massage. This is a luxurious and detoxifying way to end any massage. It includes a scalp and face massage with cool compresses. A shower rinse is available after this treatment.

  • 30 minutes - $45

Kirkland Massage Techniques

Willow Rose Wellness focuses on massage techniques focus primarily on the body to promote relaxation, improved posture, increase circulation and range of motion. Massage helps improve well being and can be a source of healing. Using essential oils in our aromatherapy massage is an added treat and you can always count on the products used on your skin to be the highest certified pure therapeutic grade essential oils and all natural carrier oils. Willow Rose Wellness

Located in Bellevue serving Kirkland and surrounding areas.

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Post-Natal Massage

Post-natal massage relieves the overstretched ligaments of the lumbar and lower back areas and essential oils used during the aromatherapy massage can also help normalize hormone levels following childbirth.

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Pre-Natal Massage

Pre-natal massage promotes relaxation and can help to relieve strained neck and back muscles particularly during the second and third trimester when the extra strain on your back is most pronounced. Willow Rose Wellness After having been pregnant myself with high risk pregnancies, and experiencing the sudden loss of an infant son at 24 weeks gestation, I have personal experience to draw from. I have also taken a pre-natal certification and am very familiar with the safety precautions when using essential oils and reflexology techniques appropriately during pregnancy. I also have the most comforting fully adjustable massage table available allowing my pregnant clients to lay face up on their back in a reclined position, and then side lying with pillows if needed. I have had many full term pregnant women remain face up the entire massage and I use techniques to reach under the back and neck.

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Pre-Natal Massage


Discovered in a 4th century ancient Chinese medicinal handbook, one of the earliest recorded reports on cupping therapy illustrates the practice of using a cup to draw up the skin as a treatment for headaches, dizziness and abdominal pain. Early practitioners used animal horns placed on specific meridian points of the body to provide relief and healing. Today, Willow Rose Wellness cupping therapy is administered by certified specialist that involves careful application of cups to the affected area of the body that loosen obstructions, draw toxins and balance the flow of ‘qi’ , - our vital life energy.

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Thai Massage

Calming and invigorating, Thai massage consists of a delightful combination of stretching and acupressure massage. Both relaxing and energizing, Willow uses this technique in combination with reflexology to harmonize body, mind and spirit to alleviate, aches, pains and energy imbalances with personalized treatments that are adapted to your body type and particular needs. Please wear loose comfortable clothing for Thai massage/Reflexology treatments.

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La Stone Therapy Massage

Heat and cold are excellent resources when attempting to heal sore and fatigued muscle tissue. That is one of the reasons why saunas and hot tubs are popular ways to relax.

With this relaxing technique heat is transferred to the body using specialized polished stones which are placed at key points on the body. Heat makes the muscles expand and become more pliable, allowing a professional therapist to get deep into the tissue to remove knots and eliminate tension. Cold marble is used sparingly to specific points while the client takes a nice deep breath to minimize sensitivity to cold. This helps to create the contrast of heat and cold that is known to be therapeutic and helps aid in increasing circulation in tense and sore muscles.

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