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At Willow Rose Wellness, we choose to avoid harmful chemicals. Therefore, all treatments will be offered with the highest quality ingredients available. Organic and pesticide free oils are always chosen with respect for your health in mind. We ask that you refrain from wearing any synthetic fragrances before coming in for your treatment. Synthetic fragrances can interfere with your treatment. we only use the highest quality essential oils and they are all certified pure therapeutic grade, wild harvested or organic and are all tested with GCMS to ensure purity. Proper dilution and safetly is imperative when using essential oils and we use either a freshly in house made body cream or blend of carrier oils to dillute your chosen essential oils in. You are always welcome to choose an unscented massage if that is what is preferred.

Aromatherapy Massage

A full body therapeutic massage, including your choice of aromatic massage oil blends. Varying depths of pressure can be applied. This is a great choice for anyone needing a massage including pregnant women ( a blend of pregnancy safe body cream can be used), children and seniors as well as those who get regular massage and don't need as deep of pressure.

  • 60 minutes - $90
  • 75 minutes - $110
  • 90 minutes - $135
  • 120 minutes - $180

Deep Tissue Massage

A combination of trigger point therapy, myofascial release, cupping and Thai massage using firm pressure, focusing on specific areas of pain and stiffness working to increase circulation and range of motion.

  • 60 minutes - $100
  • 90 minutes - $150

LaStone® Therapy

Using comfortably heated basalt stones and aromatherapy oil, your muscles will be soothed with firm warm strokes, performed in a specific way, to increase the flow of energy and help ground the nervous system. Cool marble is also used sparingly to achieve perfect balance of temperatures in the body. You will leave this treatment feeling relaxed and rejuvenated!

  • 60 minutes - $125
  • 90 minutes - $175

Our approach

Every massage is personalized and our goal is to meet every client where they are on their healing journey. Respect for your comfort and modesty is of utmost importance to us.

Breast/Chest massage is very helpful for many people regardless of gender.  Specialized training of massage in this area is required and has been obtained by Willow Rose.  With your written and verbal permission breast/chest massage will be provided on clients who are looking for massage in this part of the body.  Breast/chest massage can be very beneficial for a multidude of reasons including: post surgical scar tissue and healing, clogged milk ducts, increases circulation for both blood and lymphatic fluids, restores a sense of connection with the heart and breasts, can improve general well being in the chest area, feels wonderful. Please let us know if you are interesting in receiving breast/ chest massage as part of any 90 minute or longer massage.

Abdominal Massage is very helpful for improving digestion.  Abdominal massage can help with constipation, anxiety, and relax the muscles in the abdominal area.  In addidtion deep hip flexors like the psoas are accessed through the abdominal area.  Abdominal massage can also help to relax the diaphram. Abdominal massage is optional and written and verbal consent is required before receiving massage in this area.  Please let us know if you would like abdominal massage as part of any massage 90 minutes or longer.